Dragon Quest StoneAge Software 1995

This game is a role playing game which requires the player to lead a character through a series of obstacles to achieve a culminated ending. It may or may be not be obvious as to the route to success. There is no specific order for some obstacles, while other obstacles must be achieved within a specific order. The inability to correctly maneuver through these obstacles may have varying effects. There is an element of chance to all confrontations, but the rule is that a player must have something to attack with, and something to defend against an opponent's onslaught. There is a character who can explain your charter, if you accept, and will instruct you as to how to become the success (your poor farmer father always wanted you to be). There are other collectibles spread through this game. These are worth points toward success as well, but you cannot carry them all around with you. How to collect full points is available through the course of this adventure. Some objects cannot be picked up because of an unfriendly character obstacle, or because a necessary object is not in the possession of the player. An example of this is that a small, leather pouch is required to pick up food, or other small items. The limit of objects carried consecutively is 13. No regard has been made to an object's relative mass. A player may not hold more than 13 items at any time, regardless of the combination of objects. There is a portion of the game which requires the player to have light. It would make sense that if a character climbed into a cave or similar area, light would be needed to see. This is the case in Dragon Quest. There were not a lot of tools available to adventurers during the dark ages., and you'll just have to do the best you can with what you have. There are a number of good things which cause sparks. Don't forget to eat something, now and then. But remember that there are other living beings which are hungry, too.
Shareware Level Demo v3.5 732kb (uploaded by myloch)

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