DROD: Smitemaster's Selections Caravel Games 2005

Smitemaster's Selections are level expansion packs for DROD with hundreds of unique, handcrafted puzzles just waiting for you to enjoy. In those long months between the releases of full products, they keep the DROD-loving population from going nuts. These Caravel-produced level collections add to the official story of DROD with quality writing and voice acting. You will have new puzzles to solve that live up to standards set by the full products. In Larry Murk's Perfection, the story continues immediately after the end of DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold. Beethro comes upon a strange sect of evangelical dungeon architects called the Perfectionists. These odd characters take math and geometry about as seriously as you can take it. Eighth enthusiasts won't want to miss the events that take place. To solve the puzzles in this hold, you'll need to be a bit of a Perfectionist yourself. This is truly a difficult hold to complete, perhaps the most difficult ever? Lock the door, unplug the phone, and set aside ten or a hundred hours to plow through this one. You got some tough smiting ahead with 77 rooms to conquer. Halph Stories includes two holds that feature Beethro's annoying nephew, Halph. We used this issue to gracefully retire the current version of the Halph game element, which is a little fellow that can open doors for Beethro. I don't want to spoil it for you, but if you play to the end of DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold, there is an event which changes Beethro's relationship with Halph significantly. Since it became impossible to include Halph in our holds without breaking the rules of the story, we decided this issue would be the last that uses Halph (at least in his current form). The two included holds are, by necessity, off-canon--or in other words, they do not continue the official story of DROD. Beethro's Teacher (2006) What can you teach Beethro? He's stubborn, grumpy, and has his own ideas on how to do things. Perhaps it's time for him to be more openminded and accept a little help from a stranger. This hold is considered one of the hardest released to date, so I hope you are up to the challenge! Journey's End (2006) Beethro comes to the end of the High Path, just outside Rooted Hold where the story continues in DROD: The City Beneath. Listening to popular demand, we turned the difficulty level down to give you and Beethro a break. One of the two holds included, Smitemastery 101 is an introductory adventure designed for children or perhaps just the less-determined. The other hold, Master Locks is brought to you in two different versions, normal and hard, so you can choose your challenge. Devilishly Dangerous Dungeons of Doom (2008) In Roger Barnett's "DDDD", after Beethro learns a terrifying secret at Lowest Point in DROD: The City Beneath, he seeks to warn everyone of the danger. However, the Empire seeks to block him at every turn. Beethro learns a devilishly dangerous dungeon stands in his way to the one person who might listen to him and do something about it. Join Beethro Budkin in a raucous romp of alliterative allegory in this hilarious hold filled with six loopy levels of fantastic fun! Smitemaster for Hire (2009) contains two puzzle-packed holds from master architects Jason Fedor and Rasmus Björling. Suit Pursuit is of medium difficulty. It picks up where Devilishly Dangerous Dungeons of Doom left off. Beethro is making his way back to Rooted Hold to learn about the Grand Event, but someone in the Empire seems to not want him to know about it. This time, a border checkpoint requires him to start taking his Imperial "profession" seriously. Hilarity -- and a lot of smiting -- ensues. A cast of new and old faces make an appearance along the way. Complex Complex is a difficult hold that harkens back to the days when Beethro is running his famed Roasted Roach Grill after clearing out King Dugan's Dungeon. Beethro receives a call to infiltrate the secret base of a rogue architect. The price is right, but when Beethro finds himself pinned between two warring factions, will he find he has bitten off more roach meat than he can chew? The Truthlock Method (2009) It contains an amazing hold by George Wanfried, one of the best architects out there, while the story is designed by DROD creator Erik Hermansen. Beethro finally returns to the City Beneath after his many adventures. With the unfathomable Grand Event fast approaching, Beethro is still looking for the Truth. And here, he finally uncovers a True System for finding it, once and for all. He will encounter familiar faces from his earlier adventures, such as Jobus from the Perfection Complex and First Librarian, and meet new ones that will become firmly rooted in the story.
Webfoot DROD + DROD 3D + Architects' Edition + King Dugan's Dungeon + Journey to Rooted Hold + The City Beneath + Smitemaster's Selections + Tendry's Tale - Full Demos 366MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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