Hoyle Board Games 2003 Sierra On-Line 2002

Only Hoyle gives you 18 of your favorite original board games. Whether you're a Chess master, a whiz at Backgammon, or have always wanted to try Mancala, we've got your game. With great games, fun characters, and accuracy that the Hoyle name guarantees, it's easy to see why Hoyle Board Games is number one. 18 Favorite Board Games: Backgammon; Battling Ships - Take aim and launch your missiles in this exciting naval strategy game; Bump'em; Checkers - Can't find a partner for Checkers? No problem! the Hoyle cast of 10 animated opponents are always ready to play; Chess - Play against friends around the world for free on the Internet; Chinese Checkers - Challenge friends and family to your favorite board games - up to four can play on one computer; Dominoes - Draw from the boneyard in three variations of dominoes; DoubleCross; Gravity Tiles; Mahjong Tiles - Play 17 variations of Mahjong Tiles, one of the most popular games around; Mancala; Master Match; Pachisi is the original name of an ancient Indian game. Hoyle Board Games sets the standard for quality and authenticity; Reversi; Rummy Squares; Wordox; Word Yacht; Yacht - With 10 interactive, animated opponents, you'll always have someone to play with. Features: Challenge the Hoyle cast of 10 animated characters, each with adjustable skill levels and attitudes; Create personalized characters with Facemaker. Choose your hairstyle, outfit and facial features - the possibilities are endless; Rules, hints and tips are just a mouse clip away; Choose the music, skill level and game variations; Play with up to four people on the same computer; Easy to Install and start playing right away; Free Internet Play; Free Hoyle Rulebook and strategy guide.
ISO Demo 642MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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