Benjamin Blumchen: Wie geht das? Das Wetter [G] KIDDINX Entertainment GmbH 2002

How does that weather work? Where does rain, hail or snow come from? What is wind? When can you see a rainbow? What are there seasons? Which clothes are best for which weather? Why can meteorologists predict the weather? The good-natured pachyderm Benjamin and his friend Otto have a lot of questions when they are surprised by a thunderstorm at their picnic and find shelter with Professor Hagelkorn. In his weather station they discover a lot of interesting things together with the player. On three levels, which become active one after the other according to the level of difficulty, the child learns everything about the weather. Click on twelve areas where you can learn a lot and try out. For example, start the water cycle, look for wind instruments through a telescope, test wind forces, set a thermometer and see what happens to the water in the glass or fly into space with a rocket and find out how the seasons arise. What do snowflakes look like under a magnifying glass? Which clouds announce a storm? Why does smoke come out of your mouth when it's cold? In the menu bar is a book with old farmer's rules, a crafting guide for a sheep's mobile, tips on how to make a rainbow yourself or in spring brings the spring into the room, text and melody to the earflap song that Benjamin sings, and a picture to coloring. All this can be printed out. Of course, Benjamin not only teaches but also plays. The straw has to be quickly taken off the field before it starts to rain, and four children need the right clothes for the season. In Professor Hagelkorn's television, a few small films are about interesting weather phenomena. Exploring the weather with Benjamin Bl├╝mchen is certainly one of the most successful treatments of the topic for the intended age group of four- to nine-year-olds.
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German ISO Demo 184MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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