Before the Dark Crystal 1 + 2 Marion Poinsot 2006

A short, easy game in the world of "Dark Crystal" (the movie from Jim Henson). You play a young Gelfling who must rescue her best friend. Will you be able to save her from the cruel Skeksis? Before the Dark Crystal II (2015) Remake of the first game. Longer and entirelly hand-drawn, this point & click adventure game is a fan-game of the movie "Dark Crystal". Take control of a young Gelfling captured by the Skeksis, and survive in the Crystal castle until you find a way out. The security slider show you when you please the Skeksis or not : be careful not to upset them, or this will be a game over. Right click to look at something. Left click to walk and interact with something or someone. Language: French, English.
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Free Games 1 + 2 3MB/40MB (uploaded by Adventure Game Studio)
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