Frio2: Memory Of My Sister Zoocros 2018

This is a sequel of original Frio1, contains additional Survival-Horror elements at its most atmospheric in an advanced technique. The game starts in an earlier timeline set in a decaying town, deserted and ghostly, centering on two sister last one left nearby who got involved in a ghost accident. With this game, You will be exploring the most extremely scary experience and tasked with figuring out the proper tools and deciphering all clues with your wit and keen observation for survive. Features: An option to adjust difficulty according to one’s playing capacities; Fear of now knowing what or when it will appear; Various and logical puzzle play; Additional inventory - it has been increased from two slots to three as per requested; More Complicated Puzzles but More exciting - New types of puzzles have been added and the overall gameplay has been upgraded to be more complex but solvable with a keen observation. Also, Support with no ghost mode for those who do not prefer the dreadful background ghost haunts; Upgraded Graphic and Scaring props - Graphics have been greatly improved and many shock points have been added to create an improved (scary) atmosphere in the game; It supports 9 languages (Subtitles) - English, 日本語, español, Deutsch, français, русский, Indonesia, ไทย.
Download: None currently available

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