First Queen 1 [J] Kure Software Koubou 2001

This was originally a 1988 PC-9801 RPG that combines traditional turn-based RPG gameplay with large-scale strategic battles. This game, the first in Kure Software's First Queen series, introduced the Gochyakyara ("Multiple Characters") system that allowed many AI companions to fight alongside the player character. It features a tactical system with real-time strategy elements. The game originated on Japanese computers and would eventually see updated releases for the Super Famicom in 1994 (as First Queen: Ornic Senki) and a Windows PC graphically-enhanced remake in 2001. The game is also known for its involvement with an artist who would be better known for his work with Square's. The land of Logris is home to many races and nations: humans, elves, dwarves, centaurs, and others. It is divided into many small kingdoms, different nations trying to live in peace with each other. But the queen of Ornic, one of these nations, had plans of her own. She sent her troops to the south, invading the kingdom of elves. The army of Ornic started conquering one country after the other. The king and queen of Cardic, a powerful country in the south, decided to stop the madness, sending their soldiers, under the commands of general Richmond, to find allies wherever possible and to defeat the army of Ornic. First Queen is a mixture of RPG and strategy game with real-time combat. In a RPG fashion, the party of heroes roams the world, fighting enemies, buying items, and leveling up. However, the focus of the game is shifted towards recruiting soldiers and fighting against whole armies. The player-controlled unit may contain a dozen or more characters, and it is also possible to build more than one, making the player-controlled group more similar to an army than to a standard RPG-type party. Like the earlier Silver Ghost by the same developer, the game utilizes the so-called gocha-kyara ("mixed-up characters") combat system, which they later employed in several other games. The player is able to control only one character at a time; the others act according to the computer AI. Attacking an enemy is a matter of simply bumping into him. This system allows for large-scale battles, with the characters sometimes filling the entire screen, creating the "mixed-up" impression.
Japanese ISO Demo 266MB (uploaded by annoyment)

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