Vampire Blaze 2: Wand of Sphinx [J] Unknown 2012

Modern Europe, the shadow of civilization opening, exists in the dark Demons · · · The church at that time had an organization to push down monsters behind the secret. The hero was also an assassin belonging to such an organization "exclusive to demobilization". The number of monsters that have been defeated by missions until now is unknown ... the next task of such a hero is Egypt. It was a teacher of my school days that greeted the hero who headed to the site. The teachers came from the homeland as the excavation of the ruins from the UK, but the investigation was struggling due to struggling with demons in the ruins. So the hero was called to shoot down monsters standing in front of them. 2D action game to explore profound ruins. Find treasures, buy items at shops, and expand the search for ruins. The main character Assassin and partner choose from either "Henry Professor" or "Cordelia", and advance the game while choosing the individuality of each. Since the items obtained are saved, the area around it is an action RPG-like element. There are free versions, but there are differences between the real ending implementation and treasure efficiency (2-5 times). In 2015, the game was totally remade. Difference from old version: Screen to 800 * 600 (about 1.5 times); Replace graphics entirely; Replace music all over; Use a shop system to purchase item medals. Carry over ceremony; Hidden Cordelia Upgraded to Main Character from Operation Characters; Voiced; life formula rather than a - degree of difficulty; instant death; Introduction of clear rate.
Japanese Free Trial Demo 35MB (uploaded by roioros)

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