Vampire Blaze 3 [J] Unknown 2014

Side scrolling 2D action in this fangame. It is the same action mode as VampireBlaze 1. Basic system such as jumping, sub weapon, guard system, stairway etc is inherited. This work features a joint war with partners. The partner will follow the player automatically and use the ability which was equipped with the instructions of the player. A vast area is the adventure stage. I am going to solve the mystery by watching the field. When you touch the enemy's symbol during the move, you enter battle mode. Besides enemy symbols, there are towns, huts, caves, and so on. Conversation in town, level up with experience value, equipment RPG element such as equipment enhancement by item acquisition becomes action RPG. In the field you can also switch equipment and magic. It is also possible to become a command battle in some specified areas. There are also many event scenes including boss battle. There are three types of multi-scenario, multi-ending, where there are several branch points on the story and where the story development and places where you can go can be changed by the selection. Those who are saved, those who do not understand. Ver2 was released in 2015 that added multi-ending implementation, strong boss not related to clear, collecting elements of monster books and item books also added. Can you fill all the elements 100%?
Japanese Free Game v2 81MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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