Hoyle Table Games Buzz Monkey Software LLC / Sierra Entertainment Inc. 2003

A Game for Every Player. A Game for Every Night. All of the best classic table games with a brand-new twist. Get ahead faster with In-Game Tutorials that walk you through the fun, step-by-step. Earn "Hoyle Bucks" and purchase extra content, music, and more. With animated opponents who talk back and speak their minds - now it's more than just a game. Features: NEW! "Hoyle Bucks" - earn virtual bucks and redeem them for enhanced content; NEW! BackTalk Feature - get your feelings out on the table; NEW GAME! Maximum Pool; The Facemaker Tool allows you to create your own character; Adjustable skill levels with Beginner, Intermediate, or Expert modes; Choose game variations and music to suit your mood; FREE Hoyle Rulebook and Strategy Guide for advanced insider information. This includes includes 18 table games for one player and some available for "Hot seat" multiplayer mode: Backgammon, Battling ships, Bump 'em, Checkers, Chess, Chinese checkers, Dominoes, Double-cross, Gravity tiles, Mahjong tiles, Master match, Parchisi, Pool, Reversi, Rummy squares, Word ox, Word yacht, Yacht.
ISO Demo 771MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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