Suncore Chronicles: The Tower Inner World Games 2018

This is an action roleplaying game with hack-and-slay elements. Defeat enemies, collect gear and solve riddles with up to three friends in cooperative games via Steam or LAN. Features: Four different classes with unique skills and abilities; Cooperative story for up to four players; Various puzzles and minigames; Classic Equipment System with 11 armor slots, different quality items and runewords; Scaling difficulty level for every play style; Lots of bossfights and special dungeons that require full groups to clear; Learn new spells and abilities and find ways to unlock additional perks; Unique art style and enemies in each new level of the tower. Enter the world of Interia and save it from being thrown into darkness. Defeat hordes of enemies, from foot soldiers to mighty dragons, to make your way through a mysterious tower that appeared out of nowhere. Discover its secrets and stop the evil Scak from accomplishing his plan that would seal Interia's fate. Gameplay mixes several genres to give a fresh and unique gameplay experience. Beside classical action adventure elements like puzzle solving, minigames, combat and looting in a third person setting, the game also includes several other gameplay elements. Those involve platforming sections with 2D movement or "Beat em up" styled levels, which are influenced by the good old console or arcade classics. It has a fast paced realtime combat system, focusing on dodging enemy abilities, crowd control and using your strong abilities if the timing and positioning allows for it. The numerous bosses require the player to figure out the mechanics and timings to be able to succeed. The game also includes special dungeons meant for group play, which can require a whole group of four players to coordinate their actions in a reasonable way. The player can change between four different specializations at any time in the game, which include two melee classes and two more range oriented caster classes. Each class has their own abilities, which can be learned throughout the game. Abilities can be leveled up to increase their strength and add additional perks. In addition, each class has a specific strength like inceased health or a higher chance to perform critical strikes. Each enemy in the game can drop loot of different kind and quality, including armor, weapons, materials for upgrades, runes, recipes for runewords and more. The player can save all of his equipment in sets, which (like the specialization) can be changed at any time to fit the current play style. High quality pieces of equipment can modify player abilities, proc certain effects or even form powerful sets. The base version of the game is free to play, allowing the player to get to know the main features and feeling of the game. However, the world is restricted to the starting areas, including two tutorial sections and the first world regions. The game will be extended frequently with low cost DLCs that include new features and add more regions, enemies and of course loot. For optimal experience, it is recommended to play with a gamepad. Level 1 (Apr 10) Enter the tower's first floor and stop Scak's henchmen, the Vashua. This DLC adds two new dungeon types: Jump'n'Run - Make your way through two dimensional levels full of jumps and moving platforms; Beat'em'up - Defeat hordes of enemies in classic side-view action. Features: 2 Hack'n'Slay Dungeons with 5 bosses; 1 Jump'n'Run style dungeon; 1 Beat'em'up style dungeon with 2 bosses; 1 group boss for 4 players; 1 special tower level endboss with additional hardmodes; Maximum item level is increased to 2. Level 2 (Jun 15) serves as Scak's graveyard. It contains the following areas: 2 Hack'n'Slay Dungeons with 5 bosses; 1 Hack'n'Slay group dungeon for 4 players with 2 bosses and additional hardmodes; 1 Jump'n'Run style dungeon; 1 Beat'em'up style dungeon with 2 bosses; 1 special tower level endboss with additional hardmodes. All players, regardless whether they purchase this DLC, will also gain access to the following features, as soon as the corresponding patch is released: Companions - These non-combat pets are great side kicks and even collect drops for you. They can be obtained through special quests or by defeating bosses; Shineys - This new type of collectable can be found in most areas and serves as a currency for special items. At the moment, they can be used to purchase certain companions; Automatic salvaging - Select item rarities to be automatically salvaged for materials when picked up; New level of difficulty for dungeons, which rewards items of level 3.
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