Sling Ming Good Night Brave Warrior 2018

"..sigh... Why do they always hide important keys in the farthest corners of the galaxy?" Princess Ming is desperate to find the cause of the never-ending earthquakes that plague her kingdom. An old and mysterious door, deep below her castle, seems to hold the answer. The star coordinates next to the three giant locks is her only clue. Get the royal rocket ready. Hook up to the Oxylane, a transit system that lets you fly through the air, swing around corners and defy gravity. Plan your path by arranging the Oxylane nodes. Time your moves to control your swing and perform cool aerials. Rearrange and revisit nodes to solve puzzles. Back in the days, before Ming became princess, the air was so polluted it was harmful to breathe. People hooked up to the Oxylane via elastic tubes to get fresh air. Over time it evolved into a standardized way of transportation. The daily commute to the coal mines and oil refineries would have been impossible without the Oxylane. That all changed with the revolution and the Big Cleanup. But with the king missing and the kingdom plagued by earthquakes, are old sins really dead or just buried and forgotten? Features: Mix of action and puzzles that rely on physics, timing or logic; Boss fights and unlockable abilities; Highscore and challenges on every level; Play with mouse or joypad (full controller support); Characters and story that unveil as you progress; Beautiful worlds, amazing soundtrack and a big-hearted adventure.
Download: None currently available

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