Plug Me Havana24 2018

This is a tricky puzzle platform where the timer is a physical object in the game world. The city of Plug Me is falling off, and to save it you must get from one side of the level to the plug at the end, in order to recharge the loading bar. Plugman is the only one able to recharge this massive green bar that goes across the middle of the screen and quickly runs out of power. You are able to walk on the green parts of this bar as a platform, but you must be careful not to fall off as the power is drained. You will die a lot for sure, but... Thanks to the fast respawn and the help of both Evinrude (wich will remove one of the obstacles after you die too many times) and the Death streak mechanic (that will slow down the bar), the challenge will be constantly balanced. Features: 50+ Levels In 5 Different Worlds; 6 Bosses; Hard Mode Unlockable; Collectable Batteries and Timer Medals; Help System After Certain Amount Of Deaths; 3 Unlockable Characters.
Download: None currently available

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