Middle-Earth: Shadow of War - Desolation of Mordor Monolith Productions / Warner Bros. 2018

The DLC to Middle-earth: Shadow of War, in which the player assumes the role of Baranor - the commander of Minas Ithil who faces the threat coming from the East. This Add-on offers not only a number of new story-related quests but also an entirely new region and additional pieces of gear that the main protagonist can upgrade at his dwarf friend – Torvin. Includes: new story campaign, side missions featuring Torvin, Human Mercenaries and Bodyguards, Region of Mordor - The Desert of Lithlad, Beasts: Were-wyrms. Play as Baranor, the Captain of the Tower from Minas Ithil, and travel deep behind enemy lines in the Eastern Deserts of Mordor and raise an Easterling Army to open a new front in the Shadow War. Rendezvous with Torvin, the epic Dwarven Hunter who traveled deep into the Desolation of Mordor pursuing the legendary Were-wyrms. Baranor is an exceptional Commander with new Skills and Abilities to lead his men into battle against the Orc forces.
Download: None currently available

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