Wonderland Midnight Synergy 2002

A 3D action/puzzle game. Wonderland combines gameplay elements of earlier puzzle games such as Chip's Challenge and Soko-Ban, while adding new gameplay elements. The player controls Stinky and Loof on their quest to gather the magical Rainbow coins. Gameplay takes place over 85 levels in ten worlds. Introductory levels introduce the player to the various gameplay elements, and slowly increase the difficulties of the puzzles and action challenges. There is also a special section of "just for kids" levels. Graphics are bright and colorful 3D, with a slanted top-down view. The game features comical sound effects, including the helium-voiced heroes.
included in Midnight Synergy Games Collection (2006) - ISO Demo 262MB (uploaded by Legends World)
Full Demo v1.17 + Editor&Levels, Cheats, Documents 18MB (uploaded by speedracer)

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