Jet Set Willy RetroSpec 1999

This freeware remake of the 8-bit classic from 1984 updates the graphics and sounds, adding a unique classical melody for each room, and more colors and details to the environment and characters. As in the original, the player controls Willy, the miner that became a millionaire in the previous game, wandering through his mansion after being ordered by Maria the housekeeper to clean all the rooms after a party. Willy must collect all the objects to gain access to his bedroom, whose entrance is blocked by the bossy woman. The rooms are filled with strange creatures, and Willy can be killed by touching any of them, by falling from great heights or by hazardous environments. The DOS version allows saving and loading with the F7 and F8 key at any point in the game. Other settings like speed and music selection can be changed on the options menu.
Free Game 650kb (uploaded by Delacroix)

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