SantaZia II Nova Media Verlag 1997

This CD-Rom presents a Christmas calendar that can be played in as many as ten languages. Santa has been kidnapped all the children's addresses away. To make sure everything is ok and that all children receive their gifts on time for Christmas Eve, Santa Claus asks for the help of the players. And this is also the special feature of this calendar: You can not just open his door, but must listen daily to the instructions of Santa Claus, to learn what tricky task it is today to cope. Somewhere in the castle important objects were hidden. As in a labyrinth adventure, you can therefore roam through the house, modeled in 3-D graphics, by mouse or click of a button. On this journey one discovers again and again small, extravagant objects and animations. When they arrive at their destination, players can expect little surprises, such as a 20-piece memory, a Christmas puzzle or even a virtual cookbook with Christmas recipes from different countries. The games of all solved tasks show up as an object icon in the user interface and remain there for repeated play. The frame story is completely enchanting, the look of Christmas inviting and the voice of Santa Claus sounds - at least in German and English - exactly as you wish and imagine. The size of the screen, however, was stingy, and also the compulsory to install Quicktime version 2.12. does not just bear witness to modern technology. Therefore, this program is still running on 486 computers. The joys of each day are not uniformly tailored to a specific age group, so that in this Advent calendar, each family member is allowed to the computer.
Multi10 ISO Demo 316MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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