Duludubi Star [Ch] Fantawild 2008

This is a 3D platforming game released in China that is extremely similar to Super Mario Galaxy and was created to promote Fantawild's brand of theme parks. The mascot of Fantawild Adventure is an adorable blue dinosaur named DuLuDuBi. He has a female counterpart named DuLuDuNi; together they are the Mickey and Minnie of Fantawild, appearing on T-shirts, plush pillows, what-name-you. To promote the characters, a PC game starring the critters was developed and made available for free. It's a universe-touring 3D platformer that spans five themed zones, following DuLuDuBi in his quest to save DuLuDuNi from some great evil.
Chinese Free Game + Locale Emulator 122MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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