Amazing Bernard, The Kumkwat Entertainment 2018

You will play as THE Bernie O'Tag in an action/adventure/platformer/runner, first released on mobiles in 2016, that will push you to the brink with a challenge worthy of the old school. But who is Bernie O'Tag...? A world-renowned, legendary hero with a career of success in some of the most dangerous and critical missions the world has seen. That's the man the world knows...but I know Bernard O'Tag...and there's a story to be told to find out how the scrawny, meek Bernard I knew became the "Amazing" Bernie O'Tag. I'm going to make him tell that story and you are going to help me. Features: 30 no-two-the-same, pulse-pounding, super challenging levels to conquer as you discover the truth of Bernie O'Tag; Use Bernie's Powers such as creating platforms and springs to keep him alive as he runs...and more. Be wise with that Energy Bar though; 3 Playable Heroes: Unlock and play as Barron and Anna, two new playable heres each with their own play style that totally changes the game; Challenge Mode - All 30 levels have 5 different Challenges to overcome, with each playable hero having their own unique set of Challenges. Can you perfect all 450 Challenges; Endless Runner Mod - Beat your high score! Wager, earn coins and top the leaderboard in 3 different endless runner levels, each with their own unique challenges; Gorgeous 2D environments, from mystical forests to snow-capped mountains, the world of Bernard is something to behold; Challenge yourself with over 70 Achievements; Epic original soundtrack bringing you deeper into the story of Bernie O'Tag.
Download: None currently available

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