Cube Unreal MrDrNose 2018

You are in a strange cubic room that has a hatch on each side, behind them is exactly the same room, differing only in color. The rooms are part of a large labyrinth, and this labyrinth is not as simple as it seems at first glance, it is stuffed with death traps, and you need to get out of this hellish place until it's too late. But something strange happens to the labyrinth, you can find out, or get the hell out of here. The game has the cube map from first movie with 7x7x7 rooms with exit, test map of hypercube from second movie, first cube room moving, and six traps. Planned: lot of traps, 4 cube types (cube, hypercube, zero, some other kind of cube) and maybe co-op.
Alpha Level Demo v0.0.7 513MB (uploaded by IndieDB)

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