Seek Or Die Flashynurav / FLNStudios 2018

A single-player horror game that combines old school horror elements with new and interesting game mechanics for a frightful adventure. Do not play if you have a weak heart. The premise is simple: Your friends dared you to spend the night in an abandoned house said to be haunted by spirits. Not wanting to seem chicken, you agree. Once you enter, the door locks behind you. The spirits want to play a game. A jack in the box will appear randomly around the house and you must find it before its music stops playing, or else... A dark figure also roams the halls, avoid it at all costs. There are two safe-houses where the dark figure cannot reach you, but if you are in one and the jack in the box's music stops, you will die. In the safe-houses, a camera system is present and you can use it to check where the jack in the box or spirit is at any time. If you survive until 3:00, there will be a special surprise for you. Have fun, but not too much fun. This is supposed to be a horror game. Just remember: Seek Or Die.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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