Grave Prosperity: Part 1 Dark Room Games 2018

This is a remake of LDC Studios' 2015 title: "Grave Prosperity: Redux". 1988: An indescribable evil descends upon the quiet town of Prosperity, utterly ripping apart the Velez Estate. Three Years Later: An anomaly wipes Prosperity from the map, turning it into a desolate ghost town. Investigations turn up with nothing, and the surrounding area becomes the focus of many unresolved disappearances. 2018: The small town once known as Prosperity has long since faded into obscurity, becoming one of many forgotten ghost towns across North America... Many have unwittingly crossed its silent borders. All have vanished. Today you will cross those borders. Today you will see what none have seen. Welcome to Grave Prosperity. It's an Action/ Horror title that focuses heavily on player reflex. Take on the role of Amber Ridge, a character who is as mysterious as she is dangerous, and fight your way through the accursed halls of Prosperity. Upgrade your abilities with EXP and become a walking tank, or a destructive force of nature. Challenge yourself with maddening levels of difficulty, or just enjoy a stylish and bloody walk through the park on the easier modes. Enjoy the 90's-era camp, along with classic in-game FMV sequences to top off that nostalgia trip.
Download: None currently available

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