Castlevania: Ballad of Darkness Patheticmw 2018

Playing as Richter Belmont in 1792, this fangame features an alternate version of the adventure of Rondo of Blood or Dracula X. Not much story is present other than a brief introduction to the castle on the title screen. The game features a gameplay similar to and somewhat in between Rondo of Blood and Dracula X, with new, imported and re-envisioned enemies, items, and soundtrack from different Castlevania titles. The game features an easy to use single file save feature and hours of gameplay. Level design is based primarily on rearranged room configuration from SOTN. Eight Interesting stages, hidden upgrades, and boss fights are a bonus. Plus, once you beat the game, a secret "boss rush" mode is unlocked on your completed save file, classic of modern Castlevania titles. In the event of an error message (primarily when an enemy drop spawns inside a wall) a few clicks on the ignore button will make the error message go away and the game should continue fine.
Free Game 80MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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