Topsy + Tim Go to School Europress 1997

Two of the most lovable characters in modern children's stories are brought to sparkling life in this delightful series of CD-Roms. Topsy and Tim's first day at school turns out to be full of fun - and new friends. This story will entertain and reassure young children going to school for the first time. The twins pop up in the exciting world of multimedia, giving them even greater appeal to today's children. They can listen to the story being read aloud, or read it for themselves. They can play the games, at the same time learning to recognize shapes, patterns and colours. They can colour in pictures using an electronic paintbox which actually speaks the names of the colours or can test their skills with a unique electronic jigsaw. Parents will find Topsy and Tim CDs will play a vital but reassuring role in encouraging their children to explore, listen, read, play and learn.
ISO Demo 308MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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