Framed Collection Loveshack Entertainment / Surprise Attack Games 2018

This is a new compilation of the critically-acclaimed, multi-award winning noir puzzle games FRAMED and FRAMED 2. Change the order, change the outcome. Rearrange the panels of an animated comic book to craft the story of a noir-styled spy adventure. Presented in an extensive series of visual puzzles, requiring logic and imagination, each panel move changes the current narrative, leading to all kinds of comedic blunders, untimely deaths - and when solved correctly - stylish heists, fast getaways and nail-biting escapades. With multi-award winning, genre-bending puzzle design, stylish hand crafted art and animation, a satisfying difficulty curve, and an original live jazz soundtrack - fusing modern themes and funky beats - this is a unique experience no other puzzle game can match. Escape effortlessly into the stylish, pulp-noir spy world of FRAMED, first on mobiles in 2014, before delving deeper with the more challenging prequel FRAMED 2 which was on mobiles in 2017. Simple, but uniquely clever puzzle design. Select animated comic panels and move them around using your logic skills and your imagination to craft the best outcome. Getting the story 'wrong' is as much part of the experience as getting it 'right', with every rearrangement telling a different, satisfying - and sometimes very comedic - story. Hand-crafted noir art and animation - From the first frame to the last, this oozes with stylish, noir, award-winning art and animation. Unique, hand-drawn silhouetted characters, incredibly fluid animations, and beautiful, mysterious settings all bring the FRAMED world to life with a wink of mischievous personality. Multi-award winning, genre-bending design - it features a fusion of unique game mechanics and clever narrative puzzles that bend genres and constantly deliver a satisfying experience with every panel arrangement. A winner of multiple game awards, and a finalist of IGF 2015's 'Excellence in Design' Award, Hideo Kojima named FRAMED his Game of the Year in 2014 - "without any doubt". An all-original live jazz soundtrack - featuring live jazz performances fused with modern themes and funky beats, they are as mesmerizing as they are evocative, setting the mood and upping the mystery-laden tension.
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