Paparazzi Gogii Games Corp. / Brighter Minds Media Inc. 2006

This is a hidden object game where the player takes the role of a celebrity photographer working for a gossip newspaper. Each level is an assignment given by the tabloid boss, with a target celebrity as the main objective. After that, a map appears with celebrity homes and photo opportunity spots. These locations are screens cluttered with objects, with a list at the top of the ones that must be photographed. Clicking with the camera viewfinder over a correct object takes its picture and rewards the player with money. An informant at the top-left serves as the hint system, her tips getting progressively more expensive with each use. A notable characteristic of this game is that objects are not removed from the screen once they are selected (the opposite is true to most "seek-and-find" games). The final challenge of each level is to take photos of the celebrity. Her/His/Its head pokes out at random places, and the player has just a few seconds to snap a picture.
Full Demo 29MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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