Castlevania: Zero 1+2 Animetro 2008

These are fangames made with Game Maker. It's 1450. The Belmont Family is not here to save Europe from the menace which lurks in the death of night. The followers of darkness and chaos, wants to revive the evil count Dracula. So, Jurgen Helsing, the last of the Helsing Family, has gathered Dracula's Eye, Rib, Nail, Heart and Ring before anyone could revived the Blood Lord. Now, He must cross the Demon Castle, just to bring life and death to the Emperor of Suffering, because he can only be resurrected at the Dragon Tower, deep in the Castle's Keep. Castlevania ZERO 2 Requiem of Melancholy (2009) 15 years have passed since Jurgen Helsing revived and killed Count Dracula. Now, his daughter knows the truth: Her Father was killed by Alucard Tepes Dracul in Carpathia. Her Heart is filled with anger and hate against the Son of Dracula. And thus, Sonia Belmont grab her Father's whip, to avenge his Death, and fulfill her task as a Vampire Killer.
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Free Games 1 + 2 10.1+6.7MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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