Märchen Forest: Mylne and the Forest Gift Primary Orbit 2018

Freely roam a fully 3D-rendered mystical forest together with Mylne, a young girl residing at a magical apothecary. One day, Mylne's grandpappy, a master apothecary, requests that she find and gather some potion ingredients. Though no stranger to the forest and its curiosities, gathering ingredients is a first for Mylne, and she is at a loss of where to begin. You, esteemed players, are tasked with ensuring that Mylne becomes a master apothecary. You'll laugh, you'll cry. The mystical forest is chock full of small wonders. Fishing, trivia, training, and even dungeon exploration awaits you. Includes a plethora of fun minigames. Your free-roaming adventure begins. Complete a variety of events hidden throughout the forest to gather ingredients for potions. The controls are simple: just check any places of interest. A Variety of Minigames - Trivia, fishing, and even battles!? Minigames are hidden away somewhere in the forest. Enjoy some minigames, or just play straight through the main story - how you play is up to you. Your created potions and caught fish are put on display in Mylne's room. Let your inner completionist run wild. Enjoy Multiple Playthroughs! - Complete the game by simply making a potion. Keep playing to unlock new areas while keeping potions made in previous playthroughs. Create new potions to unlock different areas in your next playthrough. Complete Act 1 and Watch the Credits Roll - You'll know you've completed Act 1 when a song plays and the end credits roll. If you restart the game after watching the ending, the door to the gameplay-packed Act 2 will open. Get ready to experience a whole-new side of Märchen Forest.
Download: None currently available

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