Fun School 6: Fairyland Europress Software 1996

The Fun School range of programs are renowned worldwide for combining solid educational content with arcade action so learning becomes an exciting adventure for your child. Fun School in Fairyland continues this tradition: Gloopy is visiting his friend Marjory the Fairy and she's showing him the sights of the enchanted world she lives in. Gloopy loves to learn, so soon he's playing counting games with the elves, finding out more about English in a jousting tournament and discovering basic biological terms as he plays magical mix 'n' match with Fairy Folk's bodies. When he's not busy with all this he's amusing himself - and exercising his creativity - with a fairy painting package and an elven music maker. Of course all this learning is set firmly within the context of the National Curricular of the United Kingdom, with each activity carefully structured to attain specific educational targets.
ISO Demo 722MB (uploaded by ryanpcworld)

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