Super Kid Mirinae Software Inc. / KOGA, JC Research, Midas Interactive Entertainment BV 1997

This is a beat-em up game for one or two players. Players take the role of one of eight characters: Prometer, Chaos, Elvira, Golem, Rocket Attack, Thorin, Linth, Nornen and Azrael. Each is a kid and, what's more, a kid with a special talent or weapon. Rocket Attack, for example, has rockets in addition to these special moves a propeller kick, a death holer, an upper cutter and a full swing. Others have different moves with Azrael having the most, in addition to hand grenades, a flame projector, a shotgun, a standing shoot this character also has LAW, ICBM, SOL and bayonet in their arsenal. The game is entirely keyboard controlled. JC Research was offering the game in the US once again stripped of all its music. Midas published that version in Europe as well.
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Full Demo (provided by myloch & upped by Scaryfun) 43MB

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