Virtual Inseminator [It] GMM Game Over Italia / Giunti Multimedia 1997

This Italian adult graphic adventure features porn star Luce Caponegro aka Selen. It was distributed with gigantic spherical notices in which one read: " Severely forbidden to minors ". The main goal is to explore a town and solve the trivial riddles to get to bed almost the whole female landscape. It uses a style that mixes static 3D backgrounds, with hand-made drawings and video recordings. Also famous because inside it contained a real porn movie of the actress Selen. Are you ready to put your erotic potetiÄ…l to the test? Then enter the world of the first interactive video game where you'll meet beautiful girls who will guide you to discover their wild erotic fantasies. In fact in the city are hidden corners "interesting" and occasions... greedy, it will be to you to discover how and where to meet the girls, but especially how to satisfy them to the limit of your abilities. The little devil will appear from time to time giving you tips to get the best out of the company, so listen carefully. It will take many hours of constant effort to reach the end of the game, but if in the end the Inseminometer has not reached 100 of 100, it will mean that there are still some experiences that you have not tried. At this point it is advisable to try again... only after an intensive care.
Italian ISO Demo 326MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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