Fierce Tales: Marcus' Memory Blam! Games / Big Fish Games 2013

Solve the mystery of a seaside town and uncover your lost memories. After waking up on a deserted beach with no memory of who you are, you set out to find the one person who can help you. But when you arrive at the nearest seaside town, you learn that memory loss isn't your only problem. The village is buzzing with reports of terrifying "sea people," and uncovering the truth behind these strange creatures might just be the key to recovering your own lost memories. Hold your breath and dive into this thrilling Hidden Object Adventure game. The Collector’s Edition includes: Face a deadly threat from the deep in the bonus game; Gorgeous wallpapers, screensavers, and concept art; Downloadable music from the game; An integrated Strategy Guide.
Collector's Edition - Full Demo v1.0 1.10GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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