Sorcery Jokers 3rdEye / MangaGamer 2015

One day, all at once, magic entered the world as we know it. It's existence was not something known in secret circles - the current government announced it publicly, leading it to quickly become common knowledge. Now, we're in an age where magic is used as a normal resource and has permeated throughout many different industries and fields around the world. This is a story about the fates of those who live in this magical world. Read on as six radically different people find their paths converging in this new world. Features: A visual novel specialized in contemporary fantasy with lots of fights; Full 1920x1080 HD graphics; Experience the story from various points of view in the expansive character-swapping system. An English version was later released in 2018.
ISO Demo 7.4GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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