Shop-n-Spree Viqua Games / Big Fish Games Inc 2009

A new super store has moved into the neighborhood. They are so big, they can sell items cheaper than you. But you're not gonna just lay down and die. You'll fight to keep your customers. This is a combination of hidden object, puzzle and management game. Customers will come in with orders. You must find the item on the screen and drag over to the correct customer. After a customer's order is filled, they will leave, to be replaced by another customer. You must meet the sales goal for each day. Later in the game, you have other customers like the photographer who shows you pictures of what he wants or the rich old man who wants to buy all you have of a certain item, like all your globes or surge protector, etc. In between sales days, you have various puzzle games. One puzzle is Restock You have two pictures. The one on the right is missing items. You must drag the item at the bottom to its correct location. Another puzzle is Product Match.You must click the items that are alike.You must clear the screen in time. If you succeed, you will be rewarded with a super hint and an unlock star. A super hint will show the location of all three items a customer is seeking. Collect three unlock stars to unlock each game. If you fail, you just get a regular hint that reveals one item.
Full Demo 40MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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