Seed, The MDT Studios 2017

An RPG visual novel game set in a post-apocalyptic world, designed by the creators of the MISERY mod for the video game S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. The action of the game starts in 2027 and takes place on the territory of today’s Russia, now a country devastated by an ecological cataclysm that wiped out most people on Earth. During the game, a player gets to discover the true reasons of the cataclysm, and attempt to help in rebuilding the human civilization. The story is presented in a style that resembles novels. After each decision, one gets to read a multi-page report on the events that followed, leading the campaign to one of 32 endings. The developers decided to present the in-game events as a text adventure. During the game, one gets to see the animated sequences and listens to sound effects, however, most of the content is enclosed in the text. Players have to regularly choose from several available actions to pursue, which shape the events that follow. Simultaneously, the gameplay revolves around the RPG mechanics, thus the main protagonist exhibits a set of features and acquires useful pieces of gear that affect his stats – for example, an effective carbine increases combat skills. As befits a good post-apocalyptic game, The Seed features numerous survival elements. One has to gather provisions, deal with various diseases, and avoid areas with high levels of radiation. During the exploration of the post-apocalyptic world, a player is bound to encounter other people and interact with them – the social interaction rate affects the effort of getting new pieces of information and negotiating prices with the vendors. One can also form a team comprising other survivors – all the companions who travel with the main protagonist affect his stats. Act 1 (Jun 27), Act 2 (Aug/2018), Act 3 (TBA).
Download: None currently available

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