Unravel Two Coldwood Interactive AB / Electronic Arts Inc. 2018

This is a 2.5D platform game with logic puzzle elements. Playing as a yarn toy, you need to be both skillful to succeed and clever to complete many logic puzzles in your path. You once again play as a red yarn toy. This time, however, it has a friend, made of blue yarn. Both characters have to cooperate with each other. The game features a co-op mode, but you can also play on your own by switching between the two toys. Mechanics-wise, the production is a classic 2.5D platform game - while the visuals are 3D, the gameplay is two-dimensional. It features typical arcade-like challenges, but also logic puzzle elements. Compared to the its predecessor, the gameplay here is more dynamic, with more exciting sequences, while the need for cooperation between the two characters brings a certain novelty to the puzzles.
10-Hour Trial Demo *available until July 30 (uploaded by Origin)

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