Steve The Sheriff ERS G-Studio / Big Fish Games Inc 2008

Someone stole the town square statue from Neptuneville, an underwater cartoon world where anthropomorphic fishes talk, own houses and have jobs. Steve, a crab that is the town's sheriff, must investigate and find the culprit. This is a hidden object game with elements from the adventure genre. The objective is to collect all the objects listed at the left side of the screen, searching and clicking on screens cluttered with assorted things within a time limit. Some of the objects are stored in the inventory, a drawer at the bottom of the list. They have to be dragged and dropped on certain places on the screen, to reveal other objects or solve puzzles. A magnifying glass at the bottom shows the silhouette of any item from the list. Some locations have puzzles that range from the common variations of concentration and jigsaw puzzles, to more original ones. They can be skipped without penalty. A spot-the-differences mini-game often appears at the start of a new location, where the screen is split in two similar images and the player has to click on the differences. The hint button is a cigar that sits under the list, displaying the number of hints left on its label. It highlights the position of one of the list items. Extra hints appear as cigars hidden in the scenery.
Full Demo 87MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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