Sunset Studio Zylom Media Group BV / Reflexive Entertainment Inc. 2007

This is a hidden object game with a Hollywood theme. The objective is to click on the items listed at the left side of the screen, searching for them on locations cluttered with assorted objects. Each location is a movie set and, as a stagehand, the player has to collect all the props within a time limit. A star meter bissects the screen, separating the location from the list and the hint tools. The meter increases with every object collected, up to 5 stars. The sets can be played again to attain a higher score and provide a bigger box office success to the final movie. There's a curtain below the list that opens up to reveal a diffuse image of the required bonus object. When found, a movie reel with all the hints tools starts playing that, after clicking, stops in a frame with the prize tool. There are 6 hint tools available. The spotlight replaces the cursor with a light spot that becomes smaller when near of the required objects. The photographs show the image of one of the list items. The typewriter displays a hint about the place on the screen of one of the objects. The arrow creates a square around an area that has one of the items. The camera viewfinder becomes sharper as it gets near one of the objects. The chronometer stops the clock for a few seconds.
Sunset Studio Deluxe - Full Demo 33MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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