Reading Adventure with Kenny Kite Snow Lion Entertainment / Panasonic Interactive Media 1995

Kenny Kite character teaches reading for ages 6-8 in interactive flight school adventure. Children navigate nine "rescue missions" by reading and typing words. Status screen for monitoring and teachers guide included. It's a comprehensive program where kids can learn to read on their own by singing and playing games. It teaches children how to write words and read sentences, paragraphs and poems. As they move through the nine adventures, children are challenged to solve problems by reading and writing on their own. At the end of each story, children can sing along to an original song, complete with lyrics and a reading game. Because the stories are grouped into levels, children must master each level before moving forward. This gives children the motivation to go beyond simply clicking through a story to actually reading, writing and thinking to maximize the point scores. Since each story can be played over and over with different elements to read, children repeating a story are challenged to read each time they play. The best way to get started is to set up the program, sign in your child's name, and then leave them to play on their own. The program is designed to be an entertaining game requiring little or no supervision. As kids progress from the Boot Camp level to the Master Kite level, they will play increasingly difficult stories with more challenging reading and writing. After signing in, children will enter the Boot Camp level, which presents the four beginning stories. Children can start a story by pressing on one of the four balloons. The highest score for a particular story is shown in the number on the balloon. The total score for this level is shown in the cloud at the top of the screen. Once a story starts, children must listen, read, write, and click on screen items to finish the story successfully. When the telephone rings, for example, they must click on the telephone keypad and listen to the instructions. When asked to type in a name, children must type it in on the computer keyboard and press either the "Enter" key on the keyboard or the "Go" button on the screen. Most responses require children to click or click and drag with the mouse button held down on the item described in the text.
ISO Demo 569MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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