Curse in our Heads Dankov Games 2018

Exciting indie game based on the legendary film "Island of the Damned". John Brown is a former detective, best in his staff. Has served more than 30 years and there is not a single case that he has not guessed. Retired already a year. The other day he received a letter asking him to come to the hospital for mental patients. John has yet to reveal another difficult matter. The detective will have to face a number of mysteries that the psychiatric hospital has prepared for him. This is a 2D quest game in a beautiful, modern pixel art aesthetic. Play the role of detective in secret hospital. Explore the hospital, communicate with health professionals to learn secrets and solve riddles. Look for the keys to the rooms, guess the code and then you will come to success. Help John learn all the secrets of a psychiatric hospital on a remote island.
Download: None currently available

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