Suspects & Clues Spinapse Inc. 2008

Thieves, robbers and falsifiers from all over the world took up arms to commit the robbery of the century. You will need a sharp look and a sober mind so that you can distinguish counterfeits by analyzing the crime scene and identifying suspects. Keep your ears open about clues and hidden rewards. There are certain categories of games that daily only replenish the ranks of their fans and fans. Mini - games for the development of logical thinking won, if not the whole world, then its good half - by all means. Features: Experience the power of your perception in a variety of different puzzles; Look for differences in the finest pictures; Follow the visual prompts to convict the offender; Connect the pieces of puzzles that lead to the stolen treasures; More than 100 tests in France, Japan and other countries; Special bonus for solving all puzzles.
Full Demo 45MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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