Hidden Object Show, The: Season 2 Game Agents Corp. 2008

This is a hidden object game with a TV show theme. As a contestant in a game show, the player has to click on the assorted paraphernalia concealed in the scenery, finding the ones from a list of required objects at the bottom of the screen within a time limit. After finishing each screen, a fortune teller appears that randomly selects one of the 11 bonus games with his crystal ball. They include common variations of the seek-and-find gameplay, like marking the differences between two similar scenes, and finding objects by their silhouettes. There are some unique games: one called Letter Getter, where the letters for the list must be collected to complete the name of the objects; and Find 10, where a riddle describes ten objects sharing the same characteristics the must be clicked. The locations also have bonus items that can be collected. Questions marks give extra hints, carnival tickets can be exchanged for toys and star chips skip one of the bonus games at the fortune teller.
Full Demo 97MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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