Planet Centauri Permadeath 2016

Early Access Release Embark on your greatest adventure to Planet Centauri. Discover new biomes, explore hidden dungeons, capture and tame monsters, build and protect a NPC community, craft your own weapons and create your own magic spells. Save and protect the native Chlorinian species from the evil Night Walkers. Develop and raise the Planet Centauri to the heavens as the cradle of a new civilization. Catch them all. Capture and tame monsters. Your new companions will support you and will evolve to become stronger. Each captured creature keeps its unique features, evolving as it gains experience fighting by your side. Use runes to enchant your equipment with various stats and effects. Weapons and armor share 7 levels of rarity. Higher rarity always coming with stronger, and more unique effects and characteristics. Monsters also happen to have rarity levels, rarer monsters being much more powerful and dangerous than their common counterparts, with unique abilities and reinforced stats. Craft your own magic spells. From controlling the arc and pattern of your fireballs to simply enhancing your jumping abilities, craft a plethora of magical effects to fit your desires. Eat well to get stronger has never been a more truthful quote than in Planet Centauri. Eating various types of food will cause your character to grow stronger and develop his abilities. Build a village and assign roles and jobs to its inhabitants. Save the native Chlorinians, build and fortify their villages. Befriend them and grant them jobs as hunters, tailors, guards, wizards, researchers and much more. Coming Soon: Thanks to the LUA script, you can easily program custom AIs and behaviors for your robots and villagers. Imagination is your only limit. Mining, hunting, defense, exploration, whatever you want. Create without limits with our unique network system. Planet Centauri's network system allows you to design various electronic systems, from humble automated house lighting to frantic death lasers. This is achieved through a large number of electric and electronic components, including : - generators, power wires, resistors, capacitors - noise, serrated, square and sinusoidal signal generators - up to 16 bit information signal, with a large variety of mathematical and binary operators.
Download: None currently available

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