Psychic Detective Series Vol. 1: Invitation [J] Data West 1997

Katsuya Furuyagi is more than just a private investigator with a troubled past. He is also a psychic detective - a person who possesses extraordinary powers which allow him to "dive" into minds of people. One day he is contacted by the wealthy Shiratori family; their youngest member, the sixteen-year-old Asami, has lost her consciousness under mysterious circumstances and cannot recover. Furuyagi has to use his special abilities and learn more about the family's secrets in order to bring the girl back. Invitation is the first entry in Data West's Psychic Detective series. It is an adventure game which focuses on conversations and information-gathering rather than on puzzle-solving. Interaction is done from first-person view and is menu-based. The player selects characters to talk to, which leads to a list of conversation topics to choose from. It is also possible to view data and dossiers belonging to the case.
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Japanese ISO Demo + Scans 201MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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