Ibiza Babewatch Redfire Software 2001

This is a game where the player takes photos of naked women and sells them on the internet. The game takes place on a two-dimensional beach background where several in comic-style animated people do... stuff. The goal is to photograph the most erotic actions, e.g. an undressing woman or a copulating couple, because these give the most money. This is used to buy better equipment for more lucrative pictures and to unlock new beaches. But unfortunately there are policemen and nudism-fanatics who don't approve of this noble activity. So the player has to buy disguises to fool them. The game is played entirely with the mouse; only one click is needed to take a photo or to change the equipment. Sometimes the player gets rewarded with (censored) sex videos; either drawn or with real-life porn star Laura Angel. A Special-Hardcore-Edition was also released that had unlockable videos which were uncensored and/or extended.
ISO Demo (provided by guardsman & upped by Scaryfun) 667MB

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