Kwik Snax The Codemasters Software Company Limited 1993

Dizzy must rescue four of his 'Yolkfolk' chums in this game, from Cuckoo Land, Ice Land, Cloud Land and Zak's Castle. Like Fast Food it doesn't directly resemble the main series of arcade adventures, instead being a single-screen action game, resembling Pengo. The basic idea is to move around a maze of blocks collecting fruit, but the twist in the style is that you push the blocks in the maze to kill or trap those enemies. After every level is completed a short bonus screen appears where more fruit can be collected. During play various other tokens are released, such as bonus points, a smart bomb and control reversal.
Full Demo 166kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
DOS Full Demo + Amiga and C64 emulated versions included in Dizzy 30th Anniversary Collection 397MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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