Rite from the Stars, A Risin' Goat 2018

The Mystical Island of Kaikala... Kirm, a mute kid from the Makoa Tribe, must overcome a rite of passage to leave his childhood behind. However, it will not be so simple. He has been chosen by the Stars to become a legend among his peers. His rite will not be an ordinary nor an easy one. In order to complete it, he will have to master three paths: Wisdom - His mind must be sharp to go through an Ancient Temple full of traps; Courage - His will must be strong to unleash his Power Animal and survive; Spirit - His soul must be ready to embrace the Spirit World...and a Final Trial. This is a game about overcoming and magic. A 3D Graphic Adventure that takes pointing and clicking to a paradise-like yet dangerous setting. A dynamic world where pixel hunts, pointless long walks or even inventories are nowhere to be found. The game also offers the freedom to play each path in the order desired by the player. Also featuring performance based achievements (doing things faster, better, more efficiently, etc) and different possible endings.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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