Soul Saga Disastercake 2019

Early Access Release Date: TBA Soul Saga is a love letter to JRPG classics, and the comfort food for JRPG fans. Utilizing the classic JRPG formula as a base, t'is the culmination of 3 years of prototyping and testing of new elements by a single full-time developer and thousands of passionate fans. In addition, many artists around the world have contributed to it to help give the well rounded and polished art such a game deserves. With over an hour of original music tailored specifically for JRPG fans, it's both a fun and artistic journey through a familiar, yet fresh, world. Armed with alchemy and a mysterious sword, an ambitious young Guild Master travels the sky islands of Medonia in his new airship to uncover a way to save his homeland, but is he ready for the truth? Help Mithos and Elise fight against the impending menace threatening the sky islands of Medonia with their guild of close friends and unlikely allies. Your own airship, classic turn-based combat, real-time airship combat, crafting, and more await you. Choose from either Cake, Vanille, or Jacked difficulty modes to match your play style and skill level. The different difficulty modes go beyond the standard increased health and damage to also add new skills and intelligent decision patterns to many enemies. It's combat system first found inspiration from turn-based JRPG classics then evolved into its own unique system by allowing the player to choose exactly when they take their turn. In addition, every turn has a special buff or debuff granted to the person acting. By accumulating action points by either delaying turns or taking certain actions, you can control the flow of battle with well calculated strategies. Customize your skills. Utilizing the amber system, you can equip your characters with different ambers to enable them access to new skills. Synthesize magical amber - Collect and harvest almost any item from the world to craft amber. Utilize it's unique and experimentive alchemy crafting system to synthesize the purist amber possible by matching any combination of items to it's alchemental formula. The closer you are to the base formula, the higher quality amber you'll produce. Don't know a formula? Just deconstruct an existing amber to learn its secrets. Upgrade your weapon to unlock new slots, then transmute special items that can customize the stats of your weapon. Free roaming airship exploration gives you the power to explore every nook and cranny of this vast world to uncover all of Medonia's natural and historical wonders. Real-Time Airship Combat - You're not alone in the skies, and your neighbors don't like to share their space! Use your airship to wrest the skies from your airborne opponents and claim the treasure and glory you deserve. It's unique lunchbox system adds a desperately needed balance to the classic JRPG formula by allowing you more options to strategize in and out of combat. Lunches are utilized to heal, strengthen, deal damage, escape from combat, and more. An epic story involving sky islands, airships, Guilds, alchemical magics, interesting NPCs, deep lore, and heart-moving character developments.
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