Secret of Margrave Manor, The InertiaSoft Ltd. / MumboJumbo LLC 2008

The story follows Edwina, a granddaughter of Robert Margrave, who comes to Margrave Manor to find out what has happened to her missing grandfather, and also to find out more about the man himself. There, she is greeted only by the sole butler who has apparently been tending the manor for the past 10 years while his master has mysteriously disappeared. Robert's disappearance for a longer time wasn't anything new, but 10 years is just too long not to have any doubts or concerns about his whereabouts. After repairing the electricity, Edwina sets off to find out clues about her grandfather's whereabouts which leads her to a mysterious locked door which can only be opened by acquiring a couple of dozen parts of a broken seal. Thus the search for parts of the seal in a way of hidden object adventure begins. This is a common hidden object game where the player must find a number of listed objects on the screen and click on them. Each room/screen has 15 minutes as the time limit and two hints. An extra hint is added every three minutes. Every 6 rooms one part of the seal if found, and out of some 15-20 rooms in total, the player constantly revisits the same rooms where same objects are placed differently and new objects are added. The text on the bottom shows objects the player needs to find, but only first 3-4 listed items are visible while other objects on the list become clear and selectable as the objects from the list get cleared. Every once in a while, the lights go out in which case the player uses flashlight to illuminate part of the room to look for hidden objects. The spot-the-difference mini-game is also included which splits the screen vertically in half requiring of player to spot 10 differences in order to clear the room. During your search, the butler or you will sometime find the hidden notes or pieces of your grandfather's journal which are ripped apart and will have to be put together like a jigsaw puzzle. Collected articles and objects can be accessed via main menu under collectibles, and freeplay mode features hidden-object mini-game for unlocked rooms but without the time limit.
Full Demo 33MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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