Schwarzschild W [J] Kogado Studio / NEC Interchannel 1998

This Japanese strategy series has a grand scale of story similar to the Final Fantasy series. The first work was released on PC-98 in 1988, and "W" seems to be the 10th anniversary commemoration of the Schwarzschild series. In the propaganda phrase on the homepage, "Battle of the Great Fleet Battle" was written, but the battle that only 27 vessels participate in the battle plagues the head as to where the big fleet fight is. It's a game for beginners to intermediate players. "W" has three main characters prepared, but at the beginning you can only pick two people. Basically there are mainly two types of missile weapons-based destroyers and laser weapons-based cruisers, the space aircraft carrier and shipboard aircraft that became indebted in Schwa IV will not appear. Looking at the settings, the missile can attack far, but the power is weak, and the laser is written that it is close but its power is great. Since this "W" can only have up to 5 fleets per country, even if there is a difference in national strength, it is difficult to make a difference as a front fighting force. One fleet consists of three battleships. In this strategic war simulation, the player can choose from among the three main characters, each degree of difficulty is set. (Flores = easy: Claudia = nomal: Heinz = hard)  There is a basic story and it is the form that three people see from the viewpoint of each. Until the middle of the story is a story that is the same as three people, but there are changes depending on the actions of the players, there are three developments in the final stage. Although it is said to be the same expansion until the middle stage you can enjoy it as it is if the viewing point changes, you can enjoy it as a different scenario because the battleship development and the strategy route are different.
Japanese Clone 2CD ISO Demo (provided by annoyment & upped by Scaryfun) 771MB

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